• Rekindling a Librarian Diversity Committee: UC Berkeley's Experience

  • Presenters
    • Michael Sholinbeck, Outreach & Instruction Librarian, UC Berkeley Public Health Library
    • Corliss Lee, Program Coordinator, Instruction Services Division, UC Berkeley
    • Jane Rosario, Original Cataloger, Metadata Creation Unit, UC Berkeley
    • Liladhar Pendse, Librarian for Central & East European, and Slavic Studies; Librarian for Armenian, Caucasus, and Central Asian Studies; Librarian for Mongolian Studies; Acting Librarian for Africana Collections; Head, International Exchange, UC Berkeley
    • Crystal Miles, Public Services Assistant, The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley
    • Virginia Shih, Librarian for Southeast Asian Collections, South/Southeast Asia Library, UC Berkeley
    • Lori A. Hines, Assistant Archivist, Pictorial, The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley
    • Sarah Ngo, (formerly) Document Delivery Coordinator, Public Health Library, UC Berkeley
  • Description

    The LAUC-B Committee on Diversity (CoD) has existed for at least 20 years; recent years saw a waning in its activities. A task force convened in 2014 to revise the CoD’s charge, hoping to revitalize the group, and effect change in the diversity of professional librarians. The CoD has since sponsored several events, and reinstated a librarian/staff mentoring program. While the CoD’s re-invigoration has received praise, work remains. Librarian diversity (particularly in terms of numbers from underrepresented minorities) remains low, but working toward culture change may be all the CoD can do.

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  • Track
    • Programming, Outreach, and Advocacy
    • Personnel, Management, and Organization